The Tail Lights You Have to See to Believe

It’s not a secret that tail lights are one of the most important features of a car. Not only does it alert traffic to the fact that you’ve stepped on the brake, but it also shows when you are turning and in what direction. (Though there are plenty of jokes about how no one uses that feature.) So it’s no surprise that companies would want to try and create new and innovative tail lights to put them at the head of the car sales game.
One company that is doing just that is Audi. They recently unveiled a new type of tail light that they could begin to put into production. It’s only a prototype for now, but who knows? Maybe this will become the standard of tail lights. Or it could at least set off a chain of creative thinking to re-imagine classic, vital car features. And I think the car industry needs more creative thinkers who will break the mold and bring us into the next era of cars.

Introducing: The Swarm
Audi has decided to name this new creation the Swarm. And once you take a look at it, it’s clear to see why. Simply type in “Audi the Swarm” to any search engine and click on one of the many videos that pops up. The footage is spectacular. It’s a one piece tail light that displays a live swarm of red flecks that come to life to show what you’re doing. They react to when you touch the brake and when you turn on your turn signal, so other drivers can get the message in a new, creative way. It’s safe to say there’s nothing like this on the road right now and Audi is making their name important once again.

Show Road Changes
One of the most unique features is that whenever the Swarm is active and running, it will actually shift slightly to show changes in the direction of the road. It actually appears to create a little picture of a road. And if the road ahead curves left, the Swarm will change its shape to show the driver behind you that it curves left as well. While it’s not entirely apparent what the use for that is quite yet, it wouldn’t be hard to believe it’d have its uses. Any time a driver can have more information about the ride he or she is driving, it’s usually better for everyone.

Better Convey Brake Usage
This is probably my favorite feature of the Swarm. They glow red when you’re stepping on the brake. But what I like is that they glow brighter and move more violently and sporadically the harder you’re pressing on the brake pedal. So if you’re making a gentle stop at a red light, they’re pretty calm. But if you slam on the brake because of an emergency, they’re pretty hard to miss. I think this is one of the best features because it alerts the drivers behind you to how sudden your stop is about to be. I’m sure this could save lives in many scenarios.

Why It Is Only an Idea…For Now
Sadly, we will probably not see the Swarm on an Audi car for quite some time yet. And why would that be? Because it’s not legal, actually. The design conflicts with the idea that cars shouldn’t be too distracting because otherwise it could cause an accident on the road. And the Swarm could most definitely be distracting. But maybe that’s because it’s the first of its kind. If more car companies create equivalents and it becomes a norm, then maybe laws can be changed and we can be driving our own personal Audi Swarms around. One can dream, right?

Are you feeling inspired now? Or are you not a fan of this rather interesting design concept? Comment below to share your thoughts on the Swarm and Audi’s creative path. And then please consider sharing this article on Twitter, Facebook, and all those other social sharing sites. Amaze your friends with this design of the future and get them to share their thoughts on it too! What do you think is next in store for the car industry? I have my fingers crossed for hover cars someday!

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